Omnichannel Trends: Data, platforms, mobile, and commerce

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The omnichannel customer journey has been transformed in the past five years. Not simply by technology, but by members of the entire value chain beginning to participate.

This gives customers ultimate flexibility, which is ideal for them, but it also requires marketers to manage ever more complex information. Fortunately, new marketing-specific data analysis services and engagement platform management tools have become available, and have changed marketers' relationship with data. 

What you'll learn from this report: 

  • The one critical part of evaluating marketing tools and engagement platforms
  • What you need to know about data before you invest in gathering it 

  • What you can count on your competitors doing ... even if you can't see it
  • How to make big data less overwhelming

What you'll also get:

  • how Zillow provides immediate value and utility for mobile users
  • how the customer journey can move from desktop to mobile to offline and then back online
  • why ModCloth has trimmed the channels they pay attention to
  • a scorecard to use for evaluating engagement platforms
  • 6 questions to ask vendors before signing the deal
  • why you need to consider MinS: mobile influence of sales