The CMO Beat: How to master modern marketing

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 Marketing leaders today have a choice: embrace new technology in revolutionary and holistic ways to drive organizational change and business results…or fail. Not really much of a choice, is it?

But the choice is easy – and the results extraordinary – when you master four critical areas of marketing in today’s technology-driven landscape: 

  • Customer Experience
  • Convergence
  • Marketing ROI
  • Leadership

Our hope is that this summary of modern marketing’s four critical areas will spark a transformation in your marketing efforts. Through current, real world examples, we will show you how modern marketing titans are harnessing technology’s power and promise to achieve real and specific results in business growth. We also provide pointers to deeper-dive research and articles via VB Insight used as the basis for much of this summary document, which you can explore to gain further insights.

Thank you, reader, for investing your time in our content and conference. It means you have chosen to embrace technology and transformation. And thank you to the marketing leaders who have shared and contributed their latest/greatest developments on their own journey to revolutionize the way they market.